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After 12+ years of using Gmail exclusively as my primary email address I’ve decided it was time to move on to something more innovating and most of all more SECURE and PRIVATE.

Luckily for me I stumbled upon about a year ago. They're a new email service provider based in Switzerland. Their main focus is on internet privacy, end-to-end encryption and security. Believe it or not but, their primary datacenter is located under 1000 meters of granite rock in a heavily guarded bunker which can survive a nuclear attack. (This seriously made me laugh in amazement! Still does!)

After a few unexpected delays Protonmail version 3.0 was finally “partially” launched. I say partially because for whatever reason Apple USA hadn’t approved their iOS app yet so that meant it wasn’t available to the general public to download. The only way to gain access to the iOS app was through their beta program which required you to make a small donation.Protonmail Web Version Screenshot

Lucky for me (again), I was able to gain access to the iOS beta program so I was able to test it out before it was released on the App Store. UPDATE March 11, 2016: Their app is finally approved and will be launching next week!

Protonmail iOS Version Screenshot 1

The app is pretty straight forward and more or less similar to many other email apps available. So far I don’t really have any issues with the app other than there’s currently no support for a “conversation view” and the App icon doesn’t always display how many new messages you have. I was told conversation view is coming soon! Yay!Protonmail iOS Version Screenshot 2

The web version of Protonmail is pretty slick and straight forward. It is very easy to navigate and I really don’t have any issues with it other than I wish there was a way for it to save my login credentials so I don’t have to enter my passwords all the time.

What is currently missing from Protonmail is an advanced address book (contacts), custom filters, export/import of email messages and a calendar. I believe some (if not all) these features are currently in development. Once I see a calendar I’ll be able to migrate completely from Google!

So whether you’re looking for an alternative to Gmail or simply want to move to a more secure and private service, I highly recommend Protonmail. (Which btw I forgot to mention is Open Sourced)

You can visit their main site at, follow them on Twitter at  or even on Facebook at

Also, make sure you check out their blog oftern as they're pretty good at keeping their users up-to-date.


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